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I want to report the unprofessionalism of Mike who works out of recovery services in CA his number is 323-900-3972.Granted I became rude after he was talking over me asking me why I wasn't working and why I wasn't making my payment .

It is none of his business. Not recovery anyway. He called on several occassions threating me, my brother and my mother. I am definitely hiring a lawyer for harassment.

I have several recorded phone conversations and witnesses as well. I got laid off and simply cannot afford my vehicle. I have to go without. There is absolutely no reasoning with this gentlemen.

I know the phone conversations couldn't possibly be recorded and him still working there the way he is with customers. He said I am trying to run, however I am calling him telling him exactly where the vehicle is located. I am retired Army and just recently got called back to Active Duty. He was questioning me about where in Afgahnistan I was going to be and I need to give my family more money.

He is just absolutely out of control. If you would please do something for me. Please come and get the vehicle. I have put 4k of work into it and have documentation that will accompany my lawyer.

He also is going to represent me in the repo in addition to the harrassment charges from Collateral Recovery Services out of California.I know they work with Westlake, My lawyer has authority that I dont and has access to information that I dont.

Review about: Unprofessionalism.

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